V-DUE Guitar Synth – Under Development!


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V-DUE is a monophonic guitar synthesizer based upon the principle of subtractive synthesis, the pedal accurately tracks the signal coming from a guitar, detecting the frequency of the note being played and driving the on-board oscillators. From there on the signal can be processed in different ways, by mixing, filtering, modulating, applying effects etc.
You can save presets, interface it with a MIDI controller to control any of the parameters, select preset or play an external MIDI equipped synthesizer.
Potentiometers, external expression pedal and footswitches can be assigned to almost any of V-DUE parameters by simply navigating to one of the menus, select the desired parameter, long pressing the ENTER button and moving the pot, expression or footswitch you want to assign. When you save a preset the assignments are saved too.
One useful function is the LIVE screen, which serves as a reminder of what controls are assigned to parameters, the name and number of preset actually in use and, if a MIDI controller is plugged in, the LCD screen pop-ups the name of the parameter you are dealing with from the remote MIDI controller, all is done in real-time.
The USB port can be used to upgrade the user interface or upload new audio applications.
CV-GATE can be used to send control voltages to an analog synthesizer to control VCO pitch or just any pedal that accepts a control voltage as input. CV range is 0 +5V.

CV implementation is the most popular V/oct but we are working on Hz/V option too.

A brief list of V-DUE features:
SYNTH signal flow:
  • 3 Oscillators with Wave select, Octave select, tuning, fine tuning, LFO modulation, S&H modulation, sequencer, PWM duty cycle
  • MIXER: mix level of the 3 oscillators plus processed guitar signal
  • LPF: low pass filter with controls for frequency cut, LFO modulation, resonance
  • VCA: voltage controlled amplifier with LFO modulation and type of envelope applied
  • LFO: with different wave types, depth & speed controls, multiplier to go in the audio range, trigger and control source (depth knob or S&H)
  • CLOCK: generates a frequency to control the step sequencer and S&H
  • STEP SEQUENCER: 2 to 8 selectable step levels, the speed of step sequencer is controlled by CLOCK. It is used as frequency modulation for oscillators, PITCH effect, LPF cutoff etc.
  • S&H: can modulate oscillators frequency, LPF cutoff frequency, etc. Input to Sample & Hold can be selected between OSC3 or LFO. Output level of S&H can be varied.
  • ENVELOPE GENERATOR: (this feature is not yet available!)
  • VOICING: assign one of the oscillators to a different voice. Actually 2 voices are available. When voicing is engaged the last played note will be sustained and you can play along with it. The voicing function can be controlled by a footswitch or external MIDI controller. Voicing also include HOLD function which sustain a note until a new note is played (infinite sustain).
  • TRACKING: these parameters help to fine setting V-DUE tracking to your guitar if needed. You can select bass guitar too.

EFFECTS signal flow:

  • PITCH: it’s applied to raw guitar signal only and not to synth. You can select between pitch UP/DOWN and choose to shift the PITCH by the amount you desire with an assigned knob or modulated by step sequencer or LFO.
  • each of the effects comes with its LEVEL parameter to control the amount of wet vs dry signal.
  • more to be added in next upgrades

ROUTING signal flow:

  • here we simply have the bypass option (true bypass noiseless relay) which can be assigned to one of the foot switch or engaged from MIDI controller. BALANCEĀ  mixes dry guitar signal with synth/effects signal path. VOLUME is a standard output level control. Both BALANCE than VOLUME are digitally controlled but within an analog signal path to preserve guitar signal but still be able to save levels as presets.