Twin Boost – quickstart

MIDI messages list

CC messageCC dataDescription
00-1270 = bypass both channels
1-127 = turns off bypass on both channels
10-127Set gain of both channels (not in dB)
20-24Set gain in dB of both channels
30-127Gain of TIP channel (not in dB)
40-127Gain of RING channel (not in dB)
50-24Gain of TIP channel in dB
60-24Gain of RING channel in dB
70-1270 = Mute the pedal
1-127 = turns mute off
80-99Set slew rate time (any data above 99 will return 99)
91-24Set gain factor in dB
100-127step UP gain
0 = will stop the gain increase
1-127 = will start gain increase
110-127step DOWN gain
0 = will stop the gain decrease
1-127 = will start gain decrease