ASTEROIDE – Sampler & Harmonizer




ASTEROIDE lets you sample a note you’re playing by hitting a footswitch, the sampled note is memorized and played back following the input envelope. You can add lower and higher harmonics to give the sampled note a fat bass sound or organ like timbre.

You can sample two notes by switching into DUAL mode. Sampled notes will be played back as a chord.

ASTEROIDE can be useful if you want a simple bass line following your playing dinamically or create harmonically complex riff or chord progressions. Can be used in conjunction or as an alternative to loop recorders in some situations, altough loop recording lets you record and play back complex music patterns, they always suffer from the limitations and constraint of time, with ASTEROIDE you can go free on improvisation and timing of your playing.

SAMPLE footswitch can be pushed once to sample or long pressed to sustain the sampled note indefinitely.

BYPASS erases the sampled note(s) and goes in bypass mode.

ASTEROIDE – user manual