Twin Boost


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The Twin Boost is a digital controlled analog booster with multiple features.

It offers up to 24dB of clean boost, flat frequency response and a low noise floor at high settings too. The boost amount in dB can be checked and set through the numerical display.

The Twin Boost can be operated as simply as a conventional booster pedal by setting the gain through the CONTROL knob or take advantage of its advanced features.

It comes with two internal boosting channels which can be set to work in JOINT or SEPARATE mode. When set to JOINT the gain setting will be applied equally to both  channels, you can input a stereo signal source and get stereo out from it. In SEPARATE mode you can handle gain of the 2 channels indipendently, so it can be used as a stereo boost with independent boost controls or employ it like you had two booster pedals in your pedal chain placed in different spots.

Either in JOINT or SEPARATE modes you can save and recall up to 3 PRESETs.

When set to JOINT you can also access the GAIN STEP mode where you can increase/decrease gain through left footswitch in steps from 1dB to 24dB, the gain change can be set to happen instantly or gradually in a certain amount of time (user configurable).

The pedal comes with silent relay bypass on main channel and buffered bypass on secondary channel.

The F1 and F2 mini buttons allow to configure various settings of the pedal: select between JOINT/SEPARATE modes, PRESET/GAIN STEP modes, number of  presets, gain time factor, gain step factor, MIDI input channel.

The MIDI input allows to control the pedal remotely and also set channels gain individually.

The Twin Boost is powered from a standard 9V supply and requires 120 mA of current.

The printed QR code if scanned redirects you to a quickstart/reminder guide of how to operate the pedal.

Main features:

  • Numerical display to accurately check the boost amount in dB
  • 2 internal boost stages which can be set to operate in JOINT or SEPARATE
  • 2 modes: PRESET and GAIN STEP
  • up to 3 presets can be saved in PRESET mode
  • silent relay bypass on main channel, buffered bypass on second channel
  • gain step factor and gain time factor in GAIN STEP mode
  • INPUT and OUTPUT on TRS jack sockets
  • MIDI input through 3.5mm mini jack

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

TWIN BOOST - user manual - rev2