DIG DEEP Sub-Harmonic Generator


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DIG DEEP is an octave down pedal which tracks lower strings only and generates a monophonic bass line without affecting upper strings. It can be useful to add depth and body to a thin guitar sound or simulate the presence of a bass guitar.

It comes with 2 knobs and a micro switch:

DRY – controls the level of the dry signal
SUB – controls the level of the lower octave
“F” – function switch, used to set SUB ATTACK, SUB TONE, SPLIT OUT, TRACKING settings

It tracks accurately playing arpeggios or strumming chords, even complex chords and inversions.

Dig Deep can work with 6-strings, 7-strings, baritone, semi-acoustic guitars with different tunings. By the way, very low tunings with thick gauge strings may cause tracking issues.


BASS GUITARS: pedal is not suited for bass guitars

ACOUSTIC GUITARS: the pedal doesn’t work with acoustic guitars

Dig Deep User Manual