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The Electric Vibe is an analog phaser/vibrato pedal which combines the classic vibe tones with additional unique features.

Electronically it’s inspired by the Univibe (TM) circuit and features a similar optical system to modulate the signal by going through four phase shifting stages.

The ENVELOPE is probably what makes it stand out the most. When envelope functions are engaged you can get dynamic responsive modulation which accurately follows string picking and chord strumming intensity. What does it mean after all? For example with SPEED and/or DEPTH envelope engaged the modulation rate/amplitude can vary according to rhythmic accents, allowing for either subtle or dramatic changes in the effect output. It’s really like you are “playing” the effect!

With the ENVELOPE DECAY setting then you can decide how fast or slow the modulation SPEED and DEPTH should return to their initial status. When DECAY is set to slow the modulation change effect is similar to the brake system of a Leslie speaker.

The DRY ON/OFF toggle switch allows to select between phaser effect (DRY ON) or vibrato (DRY OFF).

3 LFO wave types can be selected through the WAVE switch: SINE, TRIANGLE and PULSE. The SINE wave, by default, is input signal triggered  for perfect in-time modulation. The Sine LFO triggering can be turned off too.

The FUNCTION micro-switch allows to access secondary functions of DECAY and ENVELOPE LEVEL as well invert the ENVELOPE ramp.

An auxiliary input allows to connect an EXPRESSION pedal, a momentary switch for TAP TEMPO, a momentary/latching switch for bypass or control the LFO rate from a control voltage. The selection is made internally with a DIP switch.

Electric Vibe Manual


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