V-Uno is a reprogrammable guitar pedal unit which allows the user to upload the desired effect from a software application via USB and configure it at his/her own taste.

It includes almost all the OPFXS effects made so far (Dig Deep, Cometa and Asteroide) and much more. New effects will be released gradually.

The software application can run on any Windows machine, MacOS system and Android devices equipped with USB OTG.

The effects available have various number of parameters, most simple ones only have 3 parameters and complex ones can have up to 16! The parameters can be either knobs, switches or multi-switches.

Some effects are combo effects, so that you can have two effects with the possibility to invert the order and bypass them individually.

All the parameters can be assigned to any controls available. You can also do crazy assignments like assigning one knob to several parameters or assign a footswitch to one or more knob parameter (like assign a footswitch to a tone parameter).

You can also reverse the direction of a parameter when assigned (so when you turn knob up the parameters goes down).

It’s possible to connect up to 2 external footswitches and 1 expression pedal, and they are fully assignable too.

But you can also input control voltages from an external source to control the desired parameters.

All the functions can be saved to V-Uno which will recall the uploaded effect with your custom settings at power on.

V-Uno can be powered either from USB and standard 9v DC PSU (center negative). You can have both USB and 9v PSU connected at same time with no issue.

V-Uno input and output are both stereo (but not all the effects will have stereo configurations).

3 LEDs allows to check the status of the pedal. The red LED is a simple bypass indicator. The orange LED is usually configured to check the status of SW footswitch while the blue LED is effect dependant, it can show the rate of LFO for a modulation effect or light up when a threshold is reached within a dynamic processor.

Effects available in latest software release

Download software applications here